Sagebrush Songbird Survey

SATH 0417.jpg

Spring is coming and it's time to refreshen our skills in identifying those sagebrush species.  Sagebrush habitat and the species found there have been disappearing for decades.
Audubon Washington along with Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife are working together to determine the status of this habitat. We've selected some great sites to survey this year.  
You might even get to hear and/or see the Sagebrush Sparrow. Surveys will be conducted mid- April, mid May and at the beginning of June. We will be looking for not only the Sagebrush Sparrow, but the Brewer's Sparrow and Sage Thrasher among other songbirds. If you are interested in learning more about sagebrush and its inhabitants, please join us in this citizen science project.  Email Lindell Haggin for further information.