What To Do With Injured Birds 

Do not attempt to care for the bird yourself. In doing so you might be in violation of State or Federal laws and in many cases you may do the bird more harm. Here are two resources you can contact for more information:

Dr. Jerry E. Ponti (Licensed by the State to treat wild birds)
Ponti Veterinary Hospital
4807 N. Starr Rd.
Otis Orchards, WA, 99027
(509) 922-7465

There is no cost to you to bring birds to them, however they can always use your generous donations.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a list of licensed rehabilitators. The Spokane phone number is 509-456-4082.

Many birds, especially injured birds can be very difficult to handle. You can injure yourself and cause further damage to an injured bird by mishandling them. Because time might be critical do not post questions here that require an immediate response.